Raising Border Awareness & Promoting Cross-Cultural Dialogue One Person at a Time


The Women's Intercultural Center designs its programs with the simple concept that people can make a difference where governments cannot.  The Border Awareness Experience (BAE) provides participants from around the country the ability to understand the intricacies and inter-connectivity the nation has with the U.S./Mexico Border through its seamless boundary as well as the opportunity to build cultural understanding.  As a result, the BAE focuses on the following objectives:


  • Unique, face-to-face experience of border life and culture
  • Experience the life of a bi-national community
  • Learn and understand the unique risks and protective factors of living along the border
  • Learn how to be a good neighbor and global citizen
  • Learn through fun, challenging, and life-changing activities
  • Learn in a matter of days the truth of border issues that will stay with you throughout your life
  • Learn that the power of change is in your hands


Since 1993, the Women's Intercultural Center has lead countless BAE's with diverse groups of participants from undergraduate to graduate college students from universities all over the country as well as professionals seeking to have greater understanding of all aspects of border life.


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